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4 Findings From Amnesty’s Campaign Against The Death Penalty

Amnesty International has been working towards stopping capital punishment since 1977. They have been standing against this brutal act and encouraging countries to abolish the death penalty. However, these facts have come out of their many years of the campaign.

  1. Many countries have abolished death penalty due to its cruel nature and inhumane aspect. However, countries like Belarus still resist abolishing the death penalty. They give cultural, religious or political reasonings in support of their stand. They also claim that they are doing it in line with the international law, which is false.
  2. Due to the campaign of Amnesty International, now more than 100 countries have abolished capital punishment. Even those countries where the death penalty is still there are taking positive steps to bring it under human rights standards. These countries include Bangladesh, China, Kenya, etc.
  3. Many countries use the death penalty as a way to get rid of troublesome people. They also want to make sure that people understand that the authority is very strict when it comes to crime. Sometimes, the authority tortures people and make them confess even if they didn’t commit the crime.
  4. Some countries are expanding the number of crimes that fall under the death penalty. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uganda, and others are expanding the scope of use of the death penalty.

The death penalty must be abolished in every case and alternatives to the death penalty need to taken under consideration. The death penalty is inhumane and cruel. Amnesty International is still working on abolishing death penalty from all the other countries.

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