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4 Reasons Death Penalty Must Be Abolished

The death penalty has existed in the legal system for many years. However, many people are now voting against it due to the brutality of the whole concept. Death penalty must be abolished for the following reasons.

Risk of losing innocent lives

In a death penalty, you may execute an innocent person due to false judgment. This has happened in the past and may occur in the future too. In 1976, and 138 innocent prisoners were released from death rows. If you give life imprisonment, it will be reversible. But once death penalty is executed, it is irreversible.

Disproportionate judgment

The justice system is such that death penalties are used disproportionately towards poor people, political leaders or minorities. It’s not often applied to the rich people.

It doesn’t go with the human rights

The right to live is the most basic human right and the death penalty violates that. Also, the death penalty is something inhumane and it also undermines the human dignity.

 Crime cannot be stopped

The death penalty is not effective in stopping crime rate. So, what’s the point in taking lives? Instead, other alternatives of punishment like life imprisonment without parole can be given. You will find it interesting to know that Canada abolished capital punishment in 1976 and since then it’s murder rate started to decline. So, there are better options rather than giving capital punishment.

There is no ‘humane’ way of giving capital punishment. Applying lethal injection, hanging, beheading, or shooting, all are very inhumane acts. It takes a lot of money to make arrangements for executing a criminal. Instead, the victim’s families can give financial support with this money. Capital punishment must be abolished in all parts of the world.

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