All executions since 1976 have been for murder or conspiracy to commit murder, although other crimes are eligible for the DP depending on what state you are in.
Most states require additional aggravating circumstances to make a murder eligible for the DP. An aggravating circumstance could be a prior felony conviction, kidnapping the murder victim, raping the murder victim or premeditating the crime, depending on what state you are in.
Crime punishable by death: Jurisdiction:
Treason (fighting against your own country) Federal and Military courts, AR, CA, CO, GA, LA
Aggravated Kidnapping CO, GA, ID, KY, SC
Willfully causing a Train Wreck CA
Perjury (lying under oath) which led to an execution CA, ID
Hijacking a Plane GA, MS
Sex Crimes against a victim younger than 14 by a repeat offender OK
Sex Crimes against a victim younger than 11 by a repeat offender SC
Rape of a victim younger than 13 LA
Capital Sexual Battery FL
Murder during an act of Terrorism NJ
Capital Drug Trafficking FL, NJ
The Federal Government has many, many crimes punishable by death, including:
treason (fighting against your own country), espionage (spying), large scale drug trafficking, attempted murder of a witness in a Continuing Criminal Enterprise (relates to the Mob, mostly), murder while transporting explosives, murder while committing a civil rights offense, murder while robbing a bank, murder while taking hostages, killing a cop, killing a federal judge, killing a prison guard, murder using weapons of mass destruction, and many others.
Military law has many crimes punishable by death, but most only apply during a time of war. No one has been executed by the military courts since 1961. Desertion from the army is still on the books as being punishable by death.
In 1994, tough new anti-crime laws raised the number of crimes punishable by death from 2 to over 60.
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