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3 Alternatives To The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a very controversial topic. Many people think that it’s justified, while others think that it’s not. Some people believe in the religious saying of ‘an eye for an eye.’ In the past, it was considered an easy way to deal with troublemakers. However, more people are now voting for abolishing the death penalty due to its inhumane nature. Here are three alternatives to a death penalty.

1. Life imprisonment without parole

In this case, the prisoners will remain in the prison for their entire life. They won’t be able to see the outside world ever again. This way, people won’t be worried that these criminals will be back on street after a few years. The criminals will also get a chance to repent about what they did and may correct themselves.

2. Life imprisonment with parole

The prisoners will get out of jail, but after 25 to 30 years. By that time the prisoner will become old and it is very likely that they won’t have the energy or mentality to carry on further crimes.

3. Provide penalty

The victim’s family must be given a large amount of money as compensation.  This would be similar to a personal injury lawyer gaining compensation on behalf of their client. There needs to be a deterrent to avoid committing crimes resulting in the death penalty beside just prison.   Instead of using the money to carry out the execution, this way the money can be used for a better cause.

When you give life imprisonment, the criminal gets a chance to correct himself or herself. Also, the chance of killing an innocent people will not be there. The death penalty has many negative consequences. So, the best alternative to the death penalty is life imprisonment without parole.

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