Statistics are from the Bureau of Justice and are the official United States statistics as compiled by the government. I've updated them in December, 2007 using the Bureau's latest numbers published in December, 2007 which are compiled from data for the year 2006.
There are approximately 3,230 Death Row inmates in US.
Almost all DR prisoners are men. Fewer than 2 per cent of the Death Row prison populatioon are women. Currently, there are about 55 women awaiting execution and 3,175 men.
Blacks are over-represented in the Death Row population. Blacks are 10 per cent of the US population but 40 per cent of the population on Death Row.
Over half of DR inmates are white (about 1,800 inmates). 40 per cent are African American (about 1,300 inmates). Another 10 per cent are Hispanic (about 300 inmates).
There are also about 30 American Indians and 30 Asians on Death Row.
Almost 15 per cent of DR inmates only have an 8th grade education, or even less than that. 40 per cent of DR inmates did not graduate high school. Another 40 per cent did graduate high school or get their GED, and 10 per cent have some college.
Only 20 per cent of the inmates on DR are married. 20 per cent are divorced and most have never been married.
65 per cent of DR prisoners have a prior felony record. 10 per cent were previously convicted of a murder.
About 15 per cent were on parole at the time of their DP crime. Another 10 per cent were on probation. 3 per cent were actually in prison or jail at the time they committed their DP offense (murder).
The current age range for inmates on Death Row is from 20 years old up to 91 years old. In 2005, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that those under the age of 18 at the time of their crime were no longer eligible for the Death Penalty. The average age at time of arrest for a DR inmate is 28 years old.
Time spent on Death Row prior to being executed is 12 years, on average.
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