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There is no question that whenever someone close to you dies because of someone else’s ill intention, it cannot be forgiven. However, we need to show our humane attitude towards people. We shouldn’t be rude to them. We should try to forgive them and give them the chance to repent and mend themselves. If you are against death penalty, then we ask you to right for us. We want to make people understand what terrible consequences death penalty may have.

Why write for us?

People have been debating on the death penalty for a long time. Many countries have already banned it. We want to make our readers understand that death penalty won’t end crime. By writing for us, you will be able to become a part of the anti-death penalty campaign. You will get the satisfaction to get the opportunity to write about a human cause. Your articles will be read by thousands of readers and they will be inspired by your words and start supporting the anti-death penalty movement. You will actually be writing for a bigger cause.


We want your articles to be original and free from any plagiarism issues. Your writing shouldn’t be more than 1,000 words long. Please write with sub-headings and bullets. You must include an author bio and add a link to your website.

Please send us a sample of your writing first. If we approve it, you can start writing your article. Thank you for showing your interest in writing for us.